Tackling the Touchy Subject of Masculinity in the Workplace

If you want vulnerable… you’ve come to the right place. If you want to listen to people who do not have it all figured out, are most definitely in process and are seeking to understand & learn… that’s here too.

This week’s episode features two of the co-founders of Kings of Hearts, Nuke Kombian and Andy Nguyen, whose mission is to create safe spaces for men, develop self-awareness & character skills while embracing vulnerability to live a life rooted in love & service. BOOM!

Without question, we are living in a world today where masculinity is almost a dirty word. It’s met with backlash, confusion and often a lot of hurt. And rightly so. And yet we are provoked to believe that we can change the narrative. This is a conversation about men being sometimes misunderstood, ways we can change & improve, and ways to switch the conversation from being all about gender to about humanity.

Some questions I ask: 

  • What caused you to start the journey of The Kings of Hearts? 
  • How do we shift our conversation from men vs. women to humanity united? 
  • What does masculinity in the workplace look like in 2019? 
  • When people have more privilege in the workplace, what can they do to speak up or change the status quo? 
  • Is building community in the workplace vs. showing up for a paycheck really the way to go? 
  • What is great about a goal-focused culture and perhaps how can we make them better (e.g. Lululemon)? 
  • After years of ignoring people’s mental health, what does it look like to create a mental wellness strategy? 
  • If people are not having conversations about mental health & gender roles in the workplace, how can they start? 

In this episode, you will learn:  

  • Insights on men in the workplace making room for women. 
  • The importance of prefacing your conversations about diversity and inclusion with the need to “not always be right,” directing people to listen & seek to understand. 
  • Trends of meta-cognition…. an increase in people challenging their thoughts & beliefs. 
  • How to speak up when you feel misunderstood. 
  • The power of admitting you don’t know everything! Our need in the corporate world to deconstruct the masculinity that perpetually positions men as ones who only gain respect or can rise in the corporate world if they have all the answers and are always confident. Respect is now built much more commonly through vulnerability. 
  • The concept of clearing: Leaving your challenges, issues, stresses on your mind at the door and making space to do great work at work. 
  • Setting goals is fantastic, but the destination is less important than focusing on enjoying the process & the people that you are on the journey with. 
  • Facilitating a workshop on mental health is a great place to start using outside support & facilitators.  
  • How to ask your team what they need to better their mental health, involve them and allow your employees to guide the way to creating a mental health strategy 

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