Creating A Culture That Sparkles

Have you ever wondered what happens to those businesses you see on Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank? Well, today’s guest is one of those who has skyrocketed in growth, building a strong international reputation. Rachel Mielke, Hillberg & Berk‘s fearless leader is my guest today on The CultureING Podcast. Starting a jewellery empire from a prairie city in Canada of only 230k people is no small feat. From 2 commissioned pieces for Queen Elizabeth II and being featured on the red carpet at the Oscars, while becoming a staple jewellery brand for ladies all around the world. On this episode, we get the inside scoop on how Rachel built this wonderful organization, but more specifically, how she built a thriving company culture amidst the rapidly impressive growth! I’m just so impressed at Rachel’s character, helping women find their confidence and flourish, from the inside out. 

Some questions I ask: 

  • What was the moment when you realized company culture had to be top of mind? 
  • How do you know if people can rise to the challenge of being brave at work? 
  • How do deal with letting someone go? 
  • What does it look like for executives and leaders to invest in culture and keep a temperature check on their organizations? 
  • What other companies’ cultures have influenced the Hillberg & Berk culture? 

In this episode, you will learn:  

  • How to get to the heart of people in an interview. 
  • What it looks like to effectively stay up-to-date on the culture of your organization. 
  • How to make the decision to create a centralized HQ versus having multiple locations… and how to incorporate remote workers too! 
  • The importance of marrying points from your employee surveys with those from 1-to-1 conversations to understand the pain points in your organization that you need to address swiftly. 
  • The complicated task of integrating remote workers into your culture and setting them up for success. 
  • How it’s important to take the best practices and culture inspiration from other companies with a grain of salt and distinctly create your own unique culture. 

Connect with Rachel Mielke: 

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